Lionheart Brewing, founded in October 2012, is my most recent homebrewing related project.  I started this blog to chronicle my experiences as a homebrewer who someday aspires to open a small local craft brewery. I like to think that I have learned a thing or two over the past eight years as I have slowly evolved from an extract to all grain brewer.  This knowledge comes from many sources including practice, lots of reading (both books an online), and through discussions with fellow brewers.

I hope to pass along some of this knowledge  through my blog posts whether it be in the form of recipes or DIY projects. My hope is that Lionheart Brewing not only entertains, but also provides the opportunity to learn something new and inspires new ideas that ultimately lead to the creation of great homebrewed beer. On this site you will find my thoughts on all things beer including recipes, tasting notes, brewing technique, cooking and pairing, videos, and random beer related banter.

It is my goal to keep the site fresh with new content, so please check back often if you like what you see. You can also follow me on twitter @lionhearbrewing In the meantime kick back, relax, grab a homebrew and enjoy.

Lionheart Brewery

Lionheart Brewery Specifications

  • Single tier brewstand with 10 gallon capacity
  • 3 100,000 BTU high pressure propane burners
  • 1 High temperature high flow March Pump
  • Silicone tubing with Cam Lock quick disconnect fittings
  • Completely stainless including kegs, fittings, false bottoms, and hop screen
  • 3 years and going strong

Gallons brewed  to date: 375.25 gallons

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